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Handcrafted with dedication, our products represent the perfect union of nature’s best and human craftsmanship. Step into a realm where organic quality meets genuine care.


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Welcome to

Om Essentials

Where nature’s purity meets artisan craftsmanship. Every product in our line is meticulously handcrafted in small batches, ensuring that you experience the utmost quality and attention to detail in each drop or dollop.

We believe in the powerful synergy of organic ingredients. Our offerings for face, body, and bath are curated from the finest natural sources. Our dedication is not just to skincare, but to the essence of well-being.

With Om Essentials, embrace a journey towards radiance, balance, and the organic touch your body truly deserves.

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Best Selling Products

Peppermint Charcoal Soap

Ideal for those seeking a deep cleanse without stripping the skin of natural oils, this soap promises a rejuvenating bath or shower ritual.

Shower Steamers

Just drop a steamer/bath bomb into your bath or at your feet in the shower or use the muslin bag included with your order by hanging it from your showerhead, then breathe…

Happy Face Serum

Tested and perfected on some of my favorite faces with all skin-types from sensitive to combination to mature, make your face happy with helichrysum, geranium, rose hip, jojoba, grapeseed and apricot kernel oils.

Allergy Relief Roll-on

Crafted from a potent blend of essential oils, this roll-on targets allergy symptoms at their root. With just a swipe on pulse points, the therapeutic properties of the oils get to work, offering immediate relief from congestion, itchiness, and inflammation.

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